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...So I want to host a fantage party. Even though nobody (that I know of) has ventured into fantage since what happened to  Vivelz... but I'll do it anyway. Not for christmas, but for new years day.

Month: January

Day: 1st

Day of the week: Wednesday

Time: 5:00 PM (real life time)

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UPDATE BY Fario-P : People have been asking about time zones for 5:00 PM. Since Ashely and I live in USA and around the same place, it is technically 5:00 PM FST (Fantage Standard Time), or 5:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). EST and FST are the same since Fantage was made in New Jersey, which uses the EST. Convert this time in a website if you can.
Ashely-sama-14 is doing this. :3

Welcome to Old-Fantage-Art, where we are sulking in shame because fantage was changed. I mean, the company just wants money. they don't care about children or anything. they just want MONEY. And we're trying to stop fantage from becoming even worse. So I created my this group, and had Fario-P to be the co-founder. WE JUST WANT OLD FANTAGE BACK. WE'LL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BRING IT BACK. And, someday, maybe we'll succeed.

Bye! :iconashely-sama-14:

Started September 7th, 5:11 p.m. EST...

Hey, it's Fario-P here. I'm the latest Co-Founder of the group. I decided to wait from editing this until I finished deciding on a new username xDD. Anyway, I would like to give you a warm welcome to Old-Fantage-Art, as the founder herself as already done her lovely part.

Yes, this is a group to celebrate Old Fantage. What are Old Fantage and New Fantage, you say? This is a question constantly asked, so I'll explain here in short wording since it's relevant to the group and we feel(or at least I do.) that you reading this should know. "Old Fantage" is a term we refer to Fantage in its' early times, as it is old. This Old Fantage describes Fantage during the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011(though 2011 doesn't feel like it should be with Old Fantage with me, but the exception why I agree was the background colors. That was the last year I saw unique backgrounds to see.).

"New Fantage", after reading this, is obviously the Fantage people are living in today, and a few people don't like how Fantage is now. Actually, scratch that. There are, as I've seen from most sources, over 1 billion users on Fantage. I should say a little bit OVER HALF of those users want the old Fantage back. And for good reason. Fantage has events everyday, mostly weird, some bad and good(but that's rare). Fantage is giving way more benefits to the Premium Members than ever before, and that obviously isn't fair. Even 9 year olds know how unfair that sounds.

And recently, thanks to the Internet and Google, we all now know that Fantage is clearly after our money(I MEAN, LOOK AT HOW MUCH THOUSANDS OF STARS/ECOINS/GOLD THEY MAKE US PAY FOR THOSE VIRTUAL ITEMS ON THE LIMITED CART OR AT VINTAGE GOLD!!!!). We also know that Fantage isn't so considerate to their own employees who even made the game possible. And we shall support the harshly treated workers who many of them may have been fired by now for not finishing Fantage's strict deadlines. We all know that Fantage has turned upside down now.

All we want is the old Fantage back. The Fantage we all knew. If that can't happen, we can at least make sure Fantage doesn't continue becoming astray. They should know to listen to their fans ALL THE TIME. (Heck, how else did Nintendo get money and a lot of trust from billions of fans?) And that includes listening to us. We have suggestions, and they may have ignored it. So that is why my friend, Ashely-sama-14, have founded this wonderful group. I shall help too.

We shall help Fantage become the way it was. Or at least make sure it's closer to that. We shall fight for what we want. Now who's with us? :D (Also, you can give suggestions to help the group in any way as long as it's relevant!)

Sincerely, Co-Founder :iconfario-p:

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